There are always criminals/badguys in the world, so you’d rather have your superpowered individuals chasing those down while using technology/normal humans to guard the ones already caught, especially if you have something to dampen powers. And if you had superpowers, would you be content sitting inside a prison 8 hours a day?

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 · Today, while prison mental health services have become more commonplace, the vast majority of prisons and jails in the U.S. are unable to meet the needs of inmates who have been diagnosed with mental illness, much less the basic therapeutic needs of those who have not been legally designated as mentally ill.

prison conditions for death row and life without parole inmates By: christopher reinhart, Chief Attorney You asked for a comparison of the prison conditions of inmates sentenced to death with those sentenced to life without parole.

Inside Job, the infuriating and. and the CEO of WorldCom went to prison. He’s still in prison. Those things were far less extreme than what occurred here, with far fewer consequences.

Jeffery Wilemon clutched his gut, throbbing in pain as he lay on his bed inside the South mississippi correctional. gangs take his picture with their cellphones, which aren’t allowed in prison but.

 · Guest post: Employment with a Criminal Record A View from the Front Line. was I naïve at the start. I had no experience of the criminal justice system and had never even been inside a prison until 2012. So you may ask: why on earth did I start it?. civil engineering and construction so WHY aren’t more prisons addressing this as a.

Are Prisons Doing Their Job?. in 1994 showed that 51.8% of the prisoners were back in prison within 3 years.. for one reason or another, prisons aren’t rehabilitating the people inside.

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15 years as a state correctional officer. resigning at 190lbs and currently 150lbs. 5’10 43 and am an alcoholic, suffer daily from PTSD. I have been dry for 3 years. And if you keep in good shape you’ll keep the job in good shape. Either or I hated it and have no regrets of leaving that empire of tangible evil. They know who they are.

It varies. Every prison has jobs available for the prisoners, the officers are not the ones in there cleaning toilets, sweeping, etc. In maximum security they may let prisoners out of their cell, or they might bring low level prisoners from close.