This means the bank has the right to reach into your checking, savings or other accounts held by the same bank, and use those funds to pay the debt owed to them. Therefore, if you bank with Wells Fargo, and also have a Wells Fargo credit card, you should take steps to make sure the funds are not frozen when you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

There was an Judgement in which I was never served nor I had knowlegde of. I filed Chapter 7 on Dec 19, 2014 and I faxed, emailed, phoned and mailed Wells Fargo Legal Department a copy of the Notice of Chapter 7 filing. The Writ was for $2,900. Wells Fargo had taken out $5,700 in which my account was zero out.

July 7, 2010 This has been an ongoing problem with Wells Fargo. When one of their banking customers files for bankruptcy, they slap a freeze on the customer’s savings accounts – they claim because they have a duty to preserve assets of the estate.

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Here’s what to do if your bank freezes your checking, savings, or other deposit account after you file for bankruptcy, and how to avoid this in the first place. By Carron Nicks It doesn’t happen very often, but if your bank freezes your checking, savings, or other deposit account after you file for bankruptcy, it’s not only inconvenient, it.

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If you are considering bankruptcy, I would advise you to close any bank accounts you have with Wells Fargo.

Upsolve's helped families clear $82,922,909.07 of debt. Can a bank freeze my bank account when I file Chapter 7?.. For example, Wells Fargo is known to freeze checking accounts when a bankruptcy is filed. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy · Every Type Of Bankruptcy Explained · Can I File Bankruptcy Online.

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From my research only Wells Fargo and Union Bank freeze the accounts of Chapter 7 debtors, purportedly because upon filing the assets are property of the Estate. Are you aware of any other banks that place such administrative freezes on Chapter 7 debtors’ accounts? For those of you that do not place such freezes, do the Chapter 7 Trustees object to you NOT placing the freeze?