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Note: Special thanks to Dr. Elizabeth M. Willingham for pointing out my earlier misattribution concerning the Summa Theologica and in providing additional references concerning medieval angelology. For more information, students should consult E. M. W. Tillyard’s The Elizabethan World Picture and A. O. Lovejoy’s The Great Chain of Being.

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The idea of a Great Chain of Being ordained by God became a useful intellectual concept for explaining sin and evil, for human beings occupied a very crucial place in this scheme. As the highest developed creatures on the Earth, we possess both animal hungers and an awareness of God’s will for us.

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The Divine Order – The Great Chain of Being In Elizabethan times, there was a different way of looking at life. People, including Shakespeare believed in a Divine Order, or Great

The Great Chain of Being: a powerful visual metaphor for a divinely inspired universal hierarchy ranking all forms of higher and lower life; humans are represented by the male alone. From Didacus Valades, Rhetorica Christiana (1579). Reproduced here from Anthony Fletcher’s Gender, Sex, & Subordination.

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One medieval idea that carries over into Renaissance art and literature is the Great Chain of Being, the notion that every living thing has a specific rank in the divine scheme of things.Think of it as an early take on the class system. Donne makes references to people and things all up and down the chain of being: schoolboys, apprentices, hunters, royalty, farmers, even ants.

The Great Chain of Being includes everything from God and the angels at the top, to humans, to animals, to plants, to rocks and minerals at the bottom.

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Chain of being definition is – a hierarchical order of all entities; especially : an uninterrupted hierarchy of all beings arranged according to an order of perfection.

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