· If you’re looking to buy or if you already own a home with no HOA dues, you most likely are responsible for mowing your lawn, shoveling your driveway and doing general upkeep of your property. If you live in an establishment such as a condo that has monthly HOA dues, the association is most likely responsible for the general upkeep.

"You want to get the attorney so you can react to everything they propose," one woman said. "I feel without representation we’re already behind the eight ball." One resident suggested the neighborhood.

Condos, by their nature have common shared property. The condo fees or HOA dues pay for the maintenance of the common area and to operate the organization. Yes! you are obligated to pay the assessments, and the association has the ability to aggre.

How Your Homeowner's Association Can Ruin Your Short Sale Pros / cons to buying a condo with HOA. Newest Posts . Newest Posts; Unanswered Discussions. IF you are looking to waste your money, buy a condo, but, be aware that many condo associations do not allow renting for the first year or even two years, and make sure, let me repeat this, MAKE SURE.

But is buying a condo really a better choice than purchasing a single-family house?. There are quite a few reasons you'd want to choose a condominium over a SFH.. You'll probably pay dues to belong to an HOA, but the association will.. True a house can appreciate faster but it costs three times as much so it all evens.

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Both require fees that are paid monthly, quarterly, annually or on the timeline designated by either the HOA or condo association. Both also use the fees for maintenance and the upkeep of the property but the associations use the fees they have collected for different purposes.

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I can tell you how to make a mistake, IMHO: Buy based on price rather than being familiar with an area and knowing it’s where you want to stay. Is it a bargain to get a cheap condo in an area you.

Homeowners associations can institute some ridiculous rules-and some of them can even cross the legal line. 8 Things Your HOA Can’t Do-and How You Can Fight Back | realtor.com It looks.